Taking Advantage of Ted

David J. and Ernie finally relax and spend time getting to know each other

After several weeks of intense conversations, David and Ernie find themselves at loose ends. Ted has not only taken on the Producer role (with David as Director and Ernie as Writer), but proposed a new format to experiment with in Season 6. That, plus a relatively uneventful Season Finale, means that the Dynamic Duo have nothing urgent to argue about.

Rather that quit early, they take up David's suggestion to simply share about their lives.  Ernie shares about his COVID utopia of being able to stay home with his family rather than driving 2.5 hours a day for school and work. David expresses his gratitude at spending Thanksgiving with Bill and Irene after an emotionally challenging November.

While there are still important and difficult questions that will eventually need to be addressed, perhaps this is an appropriate time to simply appreciate one another as human beings rather than focus on what divides us. Happy Thanksgiving!

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